Welcome to FoodWorks! Founded in 2006, FoodWorks is a holistic nutrition and wellness consulting company. As the owner and founder, my goal is to support my clients in reaching their health goals. Through education and accountability, I help my clients adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits that serve them now and for the rest of their lives.

In my private practice, I work with individuals, families and groups. My passion is empowering people to regain or maintain their health through nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and herbs. I also offer nutrition classes, cleansing groups, and lectures to corporations, schools, parenting groups, and the local community.

I received my Nutrition Consultant certificate from Bauman College in Penngrove, CA in January, 2005, where I also served as an instructor in the Nutrition Educator program.

In 2012, to complement my private consulting practice,  I partnered with Holistic Nutrition Educator Barbara Liss, NE,  to create  Jules & Bliss, a web-based Holistic Nutrition company.

At Jules & Bliss, we bring over 20 years combined experience for information you can count on.   We offer live Health-Building classes, the highest quality professional-grade supplements and our Wellness Webinar Series. These webinars have been developed to cover the topics you have asked for…and, they are available to download & view at your convenience.

Feel free to visit us at JulesandBliss.com, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook to stay connected…

Here’s to your health!